As Individual As Your DNA, Is Your Real Estate Investment Blueprint

September 22, 2021
As Individual As Your DNA, Is Your Real Estate Investment Blueprint

As Investors we’re as individual as our DNA, some like to be hands-on and others, hands-off, some like this and some like that. Nothing is wrong, actually, they all can be right, right for you, you the specific investor. This is why we always start with an initial conversation, where we create your Investment Blueprint and discover what makes sense to you, your life and your goals.

CRESI Investments and Developments group came to be when a few like-minded business professionals decided to unite their powers and become active managers of real estate investing. Combining over 55 years of professional experience in trades, real estate, design, and finance this group of professionals has acquired five properties that are undervalued and in developed communities that are well poised for growth with several new home construction projects occurring in the area. The team is passionate about finding existing properties that have great potential once they are beautified and modernized.

Over 90% of the world’s millionaires have become so through investing in real estate.

There are three models of real estate investing that one could utilize in order to put their money into investing in real estate such as second mortgage lending, equity lending and a hybrid lending model. CRESI Investments & Developments uses the hybrid lending model of investing which offers the truest form of passive real estate investing, while being backed by real estate. Our current investor clients are reaping the benefits of this hybrid lending model of investing which is a premium rate cash flow for one term, high annualized rate to investors, professional management of the investment and interest reserves held in trust, distributed monthly or quarterly.

The Hybrid Lending Investment Model

  • True passive investing
  • Earn cash flow through the term
  • Earn a back end bonus return
  • Priority over equity payout
  • Typically stronger returns compared to mortgage lending

Our team knows first hand that Real Estate is a great investment and has allowed our team along with our investor clients, unlock the wealth and freedom that real estate investment brings. Whether you’re just getting started, expanding to a few rental properties, or you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, there is something here for you to discover with us.