How Our Clients Sold Their Home for $100K Over Asking Price

February 23, 2021
How Our Clients Sold Their Home for $100K Over Asking Price

Whenever the CRESI Team works with clients to sell their home we use our expertise to advise them as to how to prepare the home to look its absolute best.  In the middle of what would typically be the slowest month in the real estate market, January, the dead of winter will bring out serious buyers and with the little inventory we currently have, when you do all the small things and market a house right, there is no telling exactly what the sellers will receive.

Our clients who we have been working closely with for a few months, bought their future home near the end of November. The home is in need of a renovation and with that, they were concerned with costs and had to decide on features and finishes as well as overcoming obstacles posed by the pandemic, plus get their house ready to sell. Our clients put their trust in the CRESI Team and followed all of our suggestions with regards to the minor touch ups and improvements in their home, which ultimately earned them TOP Dollar.

Move In Ready Is The Trend

Buyers will decide within seconds of driving up to a home or viewing photos on the internet as to whether or not to take the next step and view the inside of your home. Most buyers are looking for properties that are move-in ready, most don’t want to have to do any type of renovation, right away. So the house needs to show off all it has to offer, whatever that is.  One thing is for sure, the way we live in our house is definitely not the way to sell the house. Houses need to make the right first impression and a lasting one.

Usually, buyers are looking for all of the items on their wish list, not a list of repairs. Walking into your home and seeing a range of to-do projects will turn them away faster than you can say “That’s an easy fix” . Sometimes it’s not the big things, but a lot of little things that turn buyers away. Present buyers with a complete package that is move-in ready. Help them see it as a home “they” can be comfortable and happy in. If they see problems and jobs to do, your house will go to the bottom of their list of homes, or their offer price may be much less than your expectation. Put it at the top of their list and have your home sell quickly and for top dollar!

Visual Appeal Crucial In Making A Good First Impression

You need to show off a spotless, spacious and updated kitchen. Prospective buyers need to be able to visualize themselves efficiently preparing meals and entertaining.

The main living area is one of the first rooms a prospective buyer may view. This room will set the tone for the rest of the house so you want to make sure it is inviting, elegant, cozy and well-arranged so they can envision themselves using this space.

If your home has a separate formal dining room, it is best to showcase it in an elegant manner. You want the buyer to envision enjoying meals and entertaining friends and family.

The master bedroom and en suite should create a mood that is relaxing. Buyers want to envision the way they wish to live. Create a look that will encourage buyers to say “WOW” when they walk in.

Creating a spa-like feel in all the bathrooms will have buyers looking forward to relaxing at the end of a long day. Luxury sells every bathroom. Your bathrooms should look like no one has used them and if yours looks less than new, consider some reasonably priced upgrades.

The Small and Simple Things Really Make A Big Difference

Declutter & DePersonalize your home, soon it will no longer be yours, so it shouldn’t look like it’s yours, you want the potential buyers to envision themselves living there. Pre-pack off-season items in your closet and organize them. You want to give the illusion of even more space, remove everything off the counters and tidy all the shelves.  Be aware of displaying books, collections, family photos, movies, trophies, etc. that may hinder a prospective

buyer’s view of this space. Removing all your personal photos, collectibles and any personal items will allow buyers to feel that it is their home rather than being a guest in your home.

Consider aligning the furniture so that it is parallel to the walls and arranging accessories symmetrically. Make sure the room feels as large as possible, warm and inviting by adding lamps, decorative pillows, throws and even some live or silk greenery.

Make sure that when it is time for you to sell your home, you do all the right things to get top dollar for your biggest investment. Remember, step one is to call the CRESI Team.