Who We Are & How We Can Help You!

April 21, 2020
Who We Are & How We Can Help You!

C.R.E.S.I is an acronym that stands for “Complete Real Estate Solutions & Investments”. This all started with the concept to provide our clients with the complete solutions for any of their residential or investment real estate needs.  We know our clients like our education first approach and we do so by offering customized information to each of our clients that will allow them to make informed and confident decisions. 

No matter what your real estate interest is, we always start with a conversation to determine what is important to you and most importantly what you are wanting to achieve.  We’re all different and we want to create a custom experience that caters to our client’s individuality, so no matter what is important to you, it will be a focal point for us.  

The CRESI Team is proud to be a part of RE/MAX Real Estate Centre because this is the #1 franchise for this global company. The power of RE/MAX provides our real estate team access to team training sessions, conferences and networking events that expose our team to the newest and most innovative ways to do business which allows us to constantly be elevating our client experience.

The key to our continued success is our ability to create dedicated relationships with you, which is based on the integrity of how we do business, on your behalf. Another fundamental component of our business model is communication. We want our clients to fully understand and be a part of the transaction from beginning to end. No matter what type of real estate venture that you embark on with us, we know the importance of making your experience a smooth one while we keep you well informed every step of the way. 

Real estate as a whole is one of the best investments that you can make whether it is your personal dwelling or an investment property that provides a constant stream of cash flow, so we look forward to our conversation with you as we discuss your real estate goals and create a plan of action that is tailored to you!