Eve Park Condo


Experience Evolved Living.

An Eco-Friendly Townhouse Community in London, Ontario

✅ An all-electric building powered by the sun for healthier Net Zero living

✅ Brings new technologies and healthier landscapes

✅ Designed to evolve and upgrade for a life that is easier, greener, cleaner, and better

✅ An all-electric building, powered by the sun, Designed to evolve

✅ Comfortable spaces, Life-improving technology, and Innovative management

✅ More outdoor space for uses such as open parks, gardens, small playgrounds, native plant landscape, edible gardens/orchards and walking trails

✅ Net-metered solar power production, designed to protect you against energy cost inflation

✅ Autonomous vehicle technology to streamline parking and property maintenance.

✅ Landscaping designed to create healthy wildlife habitats

✅ A mobile app that will integrate all condo needs into one central application, including on-demand and at-home services

✅ Developed by s2e Technologies

Eve Park Condos is COMING SOON!
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