Kindred Condos

Peas in a Pod… Inseparable…This Is Kindred Spirit

🌐 Nearby MiWay and GO Transit, as well as highways 403, 401, 410 and 407

📍 A location abundant in lush nature, beautiful parks, trails and endless places to play

✅ World-class amenities conveniently close by

✅ Developed by The Daniels Corp.


✅ ONE PARKING UNIT ($55,000 value) + ONE LOCKER UNIT **

($3,000 value for a half-height locker or $5,000 value for a full height locker)



The Assignment Fee of $5,000 plus applicable taxes will be waived.

✅ An opportunity to upgrade your purchased parking unit with electric vehicle capability*:

Turnkey Electric Vehicle Charging Station Package Only** $7,500 OR Electric Vehicle Charging
Rough-In Only*** $2,500

✅ 20% Extended Deposit Structure

Initial deposit of $7,000** upon signing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale

The balance to 5% in 30 days from signing

1% in 90 days from signing
1% in 120 days from signing
1% in 150 days from signing
1% in 180 days from signing
1% in 210 days from signing
5% in 400 days from signing
5% on Occupancy