Purchasing a condo at the pre-construction phase provides you greater freedom to sit back, relax and watch your investment grow.  Earning money on your investment really can be that easy! An investor always wants to buy low, true? Pre-construction is one of your best options because the cost will be significantly lower than the price upon completion.  The earlier you purchase the unit the cheaper it is as well, as the builders are always raising prices throughout the sales process. When you purchase a condo early on in a project you’re buying at a low cost and build equity as the building is being completed and before it’s ready to move-in. The ‘WOW’ factor is at its peak when renting out a brand new condo; renters are excited to move into a pristine unit! Plus the condo is already managed by a condominium property management company, so there is no need to worry about maintaining the property (grass cutting, snow shoveling, etc), unlike a freehold property. Click below to learn more about investing in a Pre-Construction project.