Why Invest In Developing Real Estate?

To develop real estate means to take something and make it into something different or brand new. All development happens on precious land. Raw land opens up an opportunity to build new houses, condos, or plazas. For all other lands with existing structures, we ‘flip’. Flipping is a term that means to re-develop the structure that is already there. Flipping houses is a common investment strategy.  On a larger scale, an old industrial building could serve as a kid’s adventure park once cleaned up and rezoned. There are many ways to develop or redevelop properties and make a profit while doing so.

how does

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Take something old and undesirable and turn it into something new and desirable. There is an increase in value to the property and the community. Many people like new and shiny things and the ones that can afford them will buy them, which creates momentum. Our economy depends on it. It creates work for businesses and jobs for individuals. More than two hundred and fifty thousand people come to the Greater Toronto Area every year. The number of people immigrating to Canada will continue to grow. This will fuel our need to develop real estate which will make it even more profitable. 

One thing that has remained consistent is that there are not enough homes to fulfill the demand. Investing in anything that has a high demand is and always will be a good basket to put some eggs in. It is great for our investors bank accounts. 


The money invested in real estate development is for a high return. With this comes more risk. Risk is in everything and comes with any type of investment. The question is, how can we manage the risk? The answer is to learn what you need to, to succeed. Every investor starts their journey knowing very little. The key is that one must be willing to learn and trust in the process. First, you learn how to begin from people who have done it well. Then you practice what you have learned by starting small. Over time, your money will earn you more money. 

Investors can have their choice to be an equity partner or receive a flat rate of return. Investing as an equity partner means that the returns are not guaranteed. Nor are they capped at a fixed amount. Investors who choose to receive a flat rate of return earn between 8-13%. It all depends on the project and the terms of the agreement. 

For the re-development or flipping of real estate, we have a program for equity investors. The opportunity is to make 20% every year. Did you know that flipping a house on your own is challenging, time-consuming, and costly? You would need at least half a million dollars to begin. So why not leverage other investors and our team? Real estate investing is all about leverage. Many invest what they can. Then they leverage other investors and/or other properties they own.


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