Purchasing pre-construction condos is a great way for first-time buyers to get into the market, a great plan for empty nesters who hope to downsize in a couple of years and it is a great investment opportunity for the savvy investor type.

Building up is a solution being used everywhere to create more homes, particularly in busy city centres, like Toronto and surrounding areas, where more and more condos are built each year. Condos are popular for both young professionals, empty nesters, as well as families to own or rent which makes this also a great option for the investor, not just the end-user. It allows for a maintenance-free property, which again is great for everyone; investor, tenant or owner-occupant.
gain on your investment


Purchasing a condo at the pre-construction phase is very beneficial since the cost will be significantly lower than the price upon completion. This way, you can purchase the condo at a low cost and build equity even before the building is completed and move-in ready. Earning money on your investment really can be that easy!

Once your condo is ready to move into, you can either live in it yourself while gaining more equity or rent it to a tenant, earning you rental income on top of the equity. If you do decide to rent your condo, you will be required to notify the condo company to ensure that their policies are respected by you and your tenant(s).


Renting out a condo is a great way to gain on your investment since the condo is already managed by the condo company. You need not worry about maintaining the property (grass cutting, snow shovelling, etc), which gives you even greater freedom to sit back, relax and watch your investment grow.

end users

Buying Pre-Construction is like “having your cake and eating it too!” It is a great way to think ahead and make a smart decision, based on your life and projection in the next 5 years and, it also helps financially. Buying a unit with a deposit, is a great way to get that money working for you. End users can buy a unit at anytime throughout the Pre-Construction stages, when occupying the unit yourself it makes sense to buy at any stage, because this will be your next home. As Specialists in this industry, we can help you buy very early as a VIP buyer, when you pay the least and have the most selection or you can buy someone else’s assignment of a unit (when a building is all sold out) while sometimes the builder holds a few units back and thanks to relationships we have with certain builders we can buy those units from them as well. There is a lot that is different when purchasing something that isn’t built yet, compared to a resale condo or house. Talk to our in-house Pre-Construction specialist and you’ll experience the difference! Click the link below to check out the current projects we represent or to meet with us and discuss all opportunities to see which makes sense for you.


Purchasing a condo at the pre-construction phase provides you greater freedom to sit back, relax and watch your investment grow. Earning money on your investment really can be that easy! An investor always wants to buy low, true? Pre-construction is one of your best options because the cost will be significantly lower than the price upon completion. The earlier you purchase the unit the cheaper it is as well, as the builders are always raising prices throughout the sales process. When you purchase a condo early on in a project you’re buying at a low cost and build equity as the building is being completed and before it’s ready to move-in. The ‘WOW’ factor is at its peak when renting out a brand new condo; renters are excited to move into a pristine unit! Plus the condo is already managed by a condominium property management company, so there is no need to worry about maintaining the property (grass cutting, snow shoveling, etc), unlike a freehold property. Click below to learn more about investing in a Pre-Construction project.


We’re here to help you, we can assist you and your project on many levels.  We have investors that buy individual units, investors that want to JV with you or invest along with you and most importantly to you the Developer, our Sales Team is here to take complete control of your sales, you want to develop and build and we Sell, so you go and do you and we will handle the sales for you.  Our team will handle everything from marketing, sales, admin follow up and upgrades, we will make sure all PDI’s are organized and arranged along with making sure all purchasers are notified of any delays and or anything notifications relayed from you the Developer/Builder.

Purchasing a unit:

There are Developments going on all over the province, all at different stages in the process.  We can assist you with getting into a specific development if you so choose or we can assist you with figuring out a build that makes the most sense for you and your purpose for the purchase.   

Investing in a project:

The other part of our development section is getting involved with us and one of our projects.  If this is something you have thought about or participated in previously, we can figure out how you can fit in with our team.   We look to complete smaller sized projects that allow our team to have control over the project so that we can minimize the risk levels.