Property Management

more than

a property management company

We are more than “just” a property management company. Our Landlord Protection Program (LPP) is completely customizable per landlord and per property. Simplify your life as a landlord, so you can maximize your return on investment!

stress free

tools for landlords

Collect & Track Rent

Stress free way to track and collect rent

Maintain Your Property

Book qualified trades professionals for the maintenance of your property

Access Legal Council

Access to legal council in support of the landlord's right

Return investment

Helping our investors to maximize their return on investments

Communicate With Clients

Timely, accurate client communication

Mobile App to Track Rent

Track rent payments on mobile app

Tailored by Your Needs

Program is customized per property/landlord involvement

Affordability is the Key

Affordable - keeping more money in our investors pockets

Let us tell you all the Benefits Of Being A Landlord

Benefits Of Our Landlord Protection Program

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We will help our clients by focusing on supporting the rights of our landlords. If you have tenant issues, questions can be emailed directly to Stonegate Legal Services and a response will be sent within 36 hours. A phone call can also be arranged if email doesn’t suffice. If their services are required our landlords will receive a 20% discount.
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Our System is powered by PayProp which will keep track of rent collected and or outstanding rents. Once rent is collected, it will automatically be paid out to the investor. Accurate billing and bank integration with full transparency Monthly and yearly statements will be sent to the landlord Annual property statements for tax returns
Landlord Credit Bureau

& equifax

Landlords and Property Managers can screen potential tenants Rent payment history is reported to Equifax and Landlord Credit Bureau On-time rent payments offers incentives for tenants to improve their credit reports

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We believe that the best way to serve our clients is by providing them with detailed, personalized service and advice. Our team of real estate professionals is committed to helping you achieve your goals.