Every investor starts their journey knowing very little. The key is that one must be willing to learn and trust in the process. First you learn how to begin from people who have done it well. Then you practice what you have learned by starting small. Overtime, your money will earn you more money. Knowledge is your superpower. We will help you learn and understand what you need to know so that you can navigate your way through any real estate market and thrive. The first step is realizing that if you don’t trust yourself right now, then when will you ever?

Invest Smarter, Live Better

At C.R.E.S.I. Investments, we believe that investing your money should be an exciting, profitable and fun experience,, and not something that causes you anxiety and stress.

We’re here to help you invest smarter so that you can live better. Our investment platform allows you to invest in a way that fits with your values and goals so that you can create long term wealth and security for yourself and others close to you. We have a wide range of services available, including Investment education, Real estate research, Property management, Property acquisition and development.

Our goal is to help you understand what it takes to invest successfully—and then give you the tools to get started on your journey toward building a wealthy future!


Become an Investor

Our goal is to help you understand what it takes to invest successfully—and then give you the tools to get started on your journey toward financial freedom!


Start investing and begin earning money through equity appreciation, and monthly cash flow. The best part is that the mortgage is paid off by someone else.


Are you looking for a stable investment with consistent returns and less risk?


Investors can have their choice to be an equity partner making 20% every year or receive a flat rate of return between 8-13%.

Ways To Invest With C.R.E.S.I. Investments

Cash or RRSP – 8 – 13% return

Joint Venture with us on one of our flips or as an equity partner.

Buy your own rental property and have us manage the property for you, while you remain a passive investor

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Working with Kevin and the  C.R.E.S.I. Team is ‘smooth’. They are super responsive regardless of the method we are trying to reach them. They are always ready to jump on. This is a hard working group that makes it really about you, the client. They want to do what is best for you and it shows. We are happy we made the decision to buy our first investment property. We knew how much we had and what we could afford. The numbers need to make sense and now onto the next step.

Olivera & Mirko