5 Common Myths About Selling Your Home

1. If the First Offer I get is a good offer, that means my house is worth more, or I listed it too low.

This is not a true statement. When we price a home, we take many things into consideration and what this means is that we have priced and marketed the property correctly. A buyer has seen the property and agreed with our value and wants to secure the property for themselves.  Where I see a problem when working with an offer in the first few days, is when sellers accept something right away that isn’t for FULL asking price or higher.

2. Selling without an agent will save you money.

This is s definitely something people believe, however I will tell you the same thing I tell all my clients and it’s a simple statement, “It doesn’t matter what you SAVE or SPEND, there is only 1 number to be concerned with and that is what you NET at the end of the transaction”. The C.R.E.S.I. Team here to help you do exactly that, NET the most and build your wealth.

3. Houses sell themselves.

LOL, How is this possible? I get what is being said and I will agree with the point that some houses stand out from others and make it an easier sale, due to the fact that it presents better for whatever reason than the others. But that house can’t negotiate terms or have the knowledge and experience to plan and market to get top dollar for itself.  You need a professional and not one who does this as a hobby or part time gig, I wouldn’t hire someone to build me a deck if they only built one or so a year, so why do that with your house, possibly your biggest asset?

4. Online home evaluations are all you need to price house

Online home evaluations are a good way to start. It’s a source of information for sure, but how could a computer tell you how much your home is worth? That would be like me telling you the same thing while standing at your front door.  Yes, it matters what things are selling for nearby, which is how the computer does it. Do you think all 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath detached houses in a neighbourhood are all the same size? Have the same layout? The same finishes? Of course not and therefore will all have a different value, no computer can figure that out.

5. All agents are the same and will get you the same results.

If this was true all Real Estate Agents would make the same amount of money.  They would all be just as busy, no one would care who they worked with and realtors would be picked at random. We all know that’s not what happens.  Realtors are like penguins, from far away they all look the same.  However, when you get up close to a group of penguins you can see the differences between them all. One has a scratch on his beak, one has a white tail, or a spot here or there, or many other little differences between them.  As Realtors, we’re the same, it’s not until you get up close, then you see the many differences between us.  How we speak, how we market/advertise, how we treat our clients, plus the support and the knowledge they receive when working with us. Our goal is for us to STAND out from the crowd. RE/MAX has always said “Above the Crowd”, well we want to be a PURPLE PENGUIN in the CROWD. You can spot The C.R.E.S.I. Team in the crowd and from far away.